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Hey! Don't be Shy! Check out my work! :happybounce:


I love viewing other people's work (when I'm not too busy coming up with plans on my new artworks and stuffs), when I put it in my favorites, it's placed there for a reason, for a purpose, I never pick my favorite art randomly, so when I put your artworks in my favorites, it means your works... are... so... awesome! amazing I mean :heart:


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Gwenevieve Midnight
Artist | Student | Varied
Hey guys!!! Please give time to read this since this won't take too long :D
Hi! :wave: It's Me, le Mwah! Mikage-YoshinoAnerin (formerly known... or even also known as Mikage-YoruSorachan) but if you find it hard to say my name, you can just call me Mikage or Night (Yoru) or Anerin, but seriously, Mikage is waaay more better than Night in my opinion and I'm still not used to being called Anerin, laaaaa! :typerhappy:

Please read this: :)
No! Not the smiley face but my not too short and not too long bio :la:

Where I'm From?
From the planet earth, near the pacific ocean, in a little island country called Philippines

What kind of music do I listen to? :cd:
I'm not very picky when it comes to music but I usually listen to rock, pop, and oh! Something I can dance and sing to! :boogie:

What kind of TV shows do I watch?
I love watching cartoons like Invader Zim, Teen Titans, Adventure Time and waaay many more. I also love to watch anime like Acchi Kocchi, Mirai Nikki, Inu x Boku SS and waaay many more, too. And I also watch TV shows that aren't cartoon or anime related like The Walking Dead, Raising Hope, How I Met Your Mother and waaay other more :teevee:

What kind of books do I read? (And yes, of course! I love to read books :D )
I love fiction novels and I also read japanese or korean manga :library:

What kind of video games do I play?
I'm a fan of square enix related games such as.. Of course, Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy! I also like versus games such as Tekken, Dead or Alive, waaay other more. And almost forgot! Games like Sonic the Hedgehog and Pokemon are cool for me, too :happybounce: almost almost forgot to mention, I like mystery games and escape room games :sherlock:

Important stuffs: :la:
Do I accept Artworks Request?
Surprisingly, I would say yes! But only to people who I know supports the things I draw and write... let's say my friends here. Make sure I'm not that busy though and if I'm actually in the mood or I wouldn't be able to make your requests, I would really love to make your Artwork Request if I'm free and if I'm actually up for it :love:
(to those who asks for Artwork Request, ask nicely and wait patiently or I'll completely ignore your requests and I really don't want to do that and make sure I'll actually like what you're asking me, if I approve of it :worry:)

Do I accept points request?
Yes! just ask me about it first by comment or note but I'll only make the requests after you donate the points :D

What are the stuff that I don't like?
Frogs, No! :nuu:
I also don't like negative comments, chain letters, spamming, inappropriate notes (messages), using my artworks in websites without me knowing it, so please, just don't.. I mean it :stare:
Or I will be forced to block you without hesitation and I really don't want to do that :tantrum:

- "make the most of the positive opportunities that comes in your way"
- "think before you act or you'll regret it"
- "fly high, reach for the sky"

Laaaaaaaaa! Don't be shy, check out my artworks! :la: :la: :la:
Warning: this journal might contain spoilers, please watch the said anime first before watching these cutscenes Yato (Everyone luvs me) [V1]

LOL! I freakin miss watching anime and so I'mma share mah favorite (funny) scenes on the anime... Only three (3) videos though, watch at your own risk (gonna put a bit about the anime... Below the video) Yato (At your service) [V1]

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus - Sebastian and Tiger Sebastian Michaelis (Sexy Chores) [V1] 

About the anime: the next events of Kuroshitsuji Season 1 based on the manga... 
In Victorian London, the breathtaking performances of the Noah's Ark Circus have captured the attention of people all across the city. But the spell of magic and wonderment woven under the big top is not without consequences. Children have suddenly begun to vanish, and some suspect these mysterious performers are responsible. In an attempt to get to the bottom of these disturbing disappearances, the dashing duo of demon butler, Sebastian Michaelis, and his young master, Ciel Phantomhive, will infiltrate the circus and uncover whatever darkness may lie at its core!

Noragami (OVA) - Yato and Bishamon's indirect kiss Kofuku Ebisu (Fangirling) [V1] 

This is the OVA but gonna put a description about the anime: 
Yato is a minor deity who lacks even a single shrine. In order to build his own shrine and gain recognition as a god, he scrawls his cell number on the wall of a downtown bathroom telling people he will help them in exchange for a 5-yen offering, becoming a self-styled "delivery god." Hiyori, the daughter of a respectable family, is almost killed in a traffic accident, but is rescued by Yato. This causes her to become a "hanyou," a person who can exit her body in soul form. She chases Yato down, and they begin to work together to help Yato be recognized. Yato also finds a boy named Yukine who becomes a Regalia, a "sacred treasure" that can be used by a god as a weapon to fight. The three of them battle phantoms who bring harm to humans as Yato's dark hidden history is gradually revealed.

Dramatical Murder - Noiz kisses Aoba (an actual hint that the anime is based on a boys love visual novel) Dramatical Murder Icon: Aoba (anime PV) 

About the anime: 
The story takes place many years in the future where the game "Rhyme," a virtual fighting game, is incredibly popular and people possess "AllMates," convenient AI computers. Aoba leads an ordinary life, working at a junk shop and living with his grandmother on the island of Midorijima. Unlike his friends, he doesn't participate in Rhyme, nor does he belong in a gang. However, when rumors of people disappearing spread, Aoba finds himself needing to unravel the mysteries behind the island in order to protect his everyday life.
This anime is currently airing but I just gotta share this scene... But I highly suggest you read/watch/play the visual novel/game i love it be careful though, there's a good end and a bad end for different routes Hurrhurr 

And... if you guys have any anime suggestions, please do comment :heart:
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  • Listening to: Medicine by Shakira feat Blake

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