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Hey! Don't be Shy! Check out my work! :happybounce:

(The Dib belongs to Zim ;P)

(I ship SoRi... but I ship this more!.. SoRox or RoxSo :drool:)

Pixel Sora by nyharuPixel Roxas by nyharu


I love viewing other people's work (when I'm not too busy coming up with plans on my new artworks and stuffs), when I put it in my favorites, it's placed there for a reason, for a purpose, I never pick my favorite art randomly, so when I put your artworks in my favorites, it means your works... are... so... awesome! amazing I mean :heart:


Mikage-YoshinoAnerin has started a donation pool!
1,276 / 2,000
Please donate points if you feel like helping me become a premium member and also if you like my artworks and you sorta want a point commission from me! :la:


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draw and color to adopt (2/3 open) by Mikage-YoshinoAnerin
draw and color to adopt (2/3 open)
Ze how: Those who do not follow will be ignored
:bulletblue: Pick ONLY one of ANY of the characters
:bulletblue: Comment Left or Down (Right is the sassy vortian TAKEN by CosAce, Left is the happy vortian and Down is the spiritual irken) THEN include if you wanna draw and color him or her digitally or traditionally.
:bulletblue: After you're done, comment on this pic a link of you're art of him or her and include a gender and name and I will pick who's art caught my attention the most by August 22, 2015, 9:00pm, Philippine/Singapore time

Ze rules:
:bulletorange: read, understand and follow "Ze how"
:bulletorange: draw the character in his or her original design when adopting
:bulletorange: if you win the character, you can only change his or her clothes NOT the horns, antennas nor important features
:bulletorange: this is draw and color to adopt, no points needed
:bulletorange: ONLY watchers are allowed to join
(Furthers rules will be added soon)

With my freakin busy schedule, I can't seem to finish alot of sketches that I wanna finish... This was supposed to be digitalized (not a real word but lets go with that). I was supposed to submit it last... let's say, June for a summer themed adopt thingy but I didn't finish it time but, heck, I feel like I don't wanna even finish it ever anymore because I still have alot of stuffs to finish and all, so yeah... ;P
Onyx (SU... Gemsona!) by Mikage-YoshinoAnerin
Onyx (SU... Gemsona!)
This has been sitting in my USB for months now and barely finished since it was still uncolored and all... but tada! managed to finish it this early morning- :yawn: and almost didn't get to submit it because I fell asleep while working on it and yet, I woke up after an hour, that's why I got to submit it! Laaaaa! :la: But I'm still sleepy though ^^;

"Black Onyx does not reflect light but it makes it appear even stronger. This is why the human eye prefers seeing sparkling fireworks on a night sky, looking just like the onyx. The onyx therefore tells us whenever there is darkness, light will always appear even more illuminated next to it." (Quote from the internet that I found recently)

Earth Gem/Earth-made Gem (been trying to blend in with humans ever since... doesn't know what the homeworld looks like but she really wants to go there)
Her main weapons are kunai/throwing knives (she also attach very thin strings on it when she wants to control it more besides throwing it)
She has also the ability of Teleportation or Teletransportation (her eyes glows between white and black when she uses it)

More info will be added when I have more free time

Ohh yeah, almost forgot, chose Onyx as my gemsona because it symbolizes my zodiac sign/astrology, Leo... but onyx is not my birthstone though.

Steven Universe (c) Rebecca Sugar
Prionailurus Viverrinus... Fursona! by Mikage-YoshinoAnerin
Prionailurus Viverrinus... Fursona!
Also known as the fishing cat and shall be mah fursona RAINBOW LA 
I couldn't decide which animal might fit me plus I like rabbits/bunnies but I really love cats except most cats hate water but I love water so I needed to combine all those stuff and I made this... also, I have a fondness on the cheshire cat and it's adaptations and all, so yeah... here I am! the fishing cat slash cheshire rabbit! it might not make sense but hey it works for mwah! Popcorn 2 (Meme) 
This is just some sketch doodle thing I did in school when I got bored on listening on... stuffs, so gonna make a digital art soon after I'm done with mah gemsona Huh?! 
EDIT (August 19, 2015): Updated To-Do List AND FIRST BATCH OF DIGITAL ART DONE!, plus thinking about opening three (3) more slots for digital art commission as second batch... if anyone's interested please do comment

EDIT (June 21, 2015): Updated To-Do List AND Status Updates of the artworks... BUT will pause from doing commissions for awhile... due to some personal reasons... you can still reserve a slot if you like since when I'm all better, I'll make sure to finish them asap

EDIT (April 18, 2015): Edited the price range for more additional options and there's something written below the slots :la:

If you're interested, please do READ EVERYTHING ON THIS JOURNAL... feel free to ask questions though

Opening 3 (three) slots for digital points commission (a bit pricey... based on the da points value) for a price range between 80:points:-300:points:, depending on the art... max of 5 characters per artwork, simple colored or detailed background
:bulletpink: Examples:  (*no tablet, completely hand and mouse drawn/colored... program/s used: PaintTool Sai... Ohh and the art might look slightly different 'cus I'm trying out alot of different textures and stuff and it would look much more better than the examples)
Sweet N' Spicy cover art (ZADR) by Mikage-YoshinoAnerin Wanna be CLOSE TO YOU this Valentines by Mikage-YoshinoAnerin Elite (OC bioreference) by Mikage-YoshinoAnerin
:bulletpink: How the price increases and such, starting from 80:points: until the last value which would be 300:points:
(Take note that 80:points: is almost equivalent to 1 dollar so it's pretty fair)
80:points: - an artwork of one character with flat colors AND a three color combination/mixture background
♥Character Options♥
+ 5:points: additional character (max of 5 characters per artwork, so additional 20:points: if you want to max it out)
+ 35:points: for shading (this includes all the characters you have added, so for example if you bought two characters and added this option, it will still remain 35)
♥Background Options♥
+ 50:points: for simple three-five flat colored background (example would be a simple room, inside a closet, and many more)
+ 80:points: for detailed three-eight flat colored background (example would be a garden filled with different kinds of flowers and plants with trees and a sunny bright sky, a kitchen filled with utensils and ingredients and what your character has made and such and many more)
+ 115:points: for detailed background and shaded colors
♥Additional Options♥
+ 30:points: WEAPON(s) or NEW CLOTHES, pick ONLY one and no buts (if you want the character/s to have an attire change designed by me OR weapons designed by me), the color of it will depend on the background though if it will be flat or shaded
+ 20:points: for EFFECTS (like lacers, glowy things and many more)
:bulletpink: Slots: (CLOSE!)
:iconconejita-ginny: - STARTER + one additional character (DONE!)
:iconwirinee: - STARTER + one additional character + shading (DONE!)
:iconprepare-your-bladder: - STARTER + shading (DONE!)
Put at the end of your comment "The fox jumps over the silver moon"

Opening 3 (three) slots for traditional watercolor and color pencils points commission (also pretty pricey...) for a price range of 60:points:-180:points: (value will depend on details, background and pose of the character)... only one character per artwork
:bulletorange: Examples: (*may include use of markers for darker areas)
If I can't have you, NO ONE CAN (Art Trade) by Mikage-YoshinoAnerin Irken Zagi (Gift) by Mikage-YoshinoAnerin Happy Birthday Honey Jingle Malissa! by Mikage-YoshinoAnerin
:bulletorange: Slots: (2/3 open)
:iconheismeandiamyou: - irken OC Nebula (DONE!)

Put at the end of your comment "Sunny side up fried upside down"

Will only reserve a slot once you have already paid... and please keep in mind that I do not like to rush my art because if I did, it might look really frustrating.. and that's why finishing my art might takes awhile... and if you have completely read this journal, please do put in your comments THE MAGIC WORDS (it's written after the slots of each commission types... just wanna see if you read everything), thank you :D

Current status:
:heart: To-Do list: ( * - priority, need to finish those asap)
1 and a half traditional art commissions that are still pending
1 art and a half art collab*
5 OC bioreferences
1 new deviant id
1 OCT round one entry*
And loads more...

:heart: What else is open you might ask...
Art trades (picky... the details of my art depends on what the other will give to me in exchange, if it will inspire me alot or just a bit ^^;) AND Art collabs
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Nobody's perfect by Jessie J
Irken Ash (points Artwork commission) by Mikage-YoshinoAnerin
Irken Ash (points Artwork commission)
I finally finished the last one on my commission list! Here! have a cookie! Cookie 
Everybody do the chicken dance! KFC Chicken Epic Dance KFC Chicken Dance (I luv dis) [V1] KFC Chicken Dance (Uh-huh uh-huh) KFC Chicken Dance (Oh yeah) [V1] KFC Chicken Dance (Want some) [V1]  Uhh Ahh- I mean, does the art look okay? Big Hero 6 Hiro Hamada (Hiding Baymax)

For :iconprepare-your-bladder: (Irken Ash belongs to her)


Gwenevieve Midnight
Artist | Student | Varied
Hey guys!!! Please give time to read this since this won't take too long :D
Hi! :wave: It's Me, le Mwah! Mikage-YoshinoAnerin (formerly known... or even also known as Mikage-YoruSorachan) but if you find it hard to say my name, you can just call me Mikage or Night (Yoru) or Anerin, but seriously, Mikage is waaay more better than Night in my opinion and I'm still not used to being called Anerin, laaaaa! :typerhappy:


Please read this: :)
No! Not the smiley face but my not too short and not too long bio :la:

Where I'm From?
From the planet earth, near the pacific ocean, in a little island country called Philippines

What kind of music do I listen to? :cd:
I'm not very picky when it comes to music but I usually listen to rock, pop, and oh! Something I can dance and sing to! :boogie:

What kind of TV shows do I watch?
I love watching cartoons like Invader Zim, Teen Titans, Adventure Time and waaay many more. I also love to watch anime like Acchi Kocchi, Mirai Nikki, Inu x Boku SS and waaay many more, too. And I also watch TV shows that aren't cartoon or anime related like The Walking Dead, Raising Hope, How I Met Your Mother and waaay other more :teevee:

What kind of books do I read? (And yes, of course! I love to read books :D )
I love fiction novels and I also read japanese or korean manga :library:

What kind of video games do I play?
I'm a fan of square enix related games such as.. Of course, Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy! I also like versus games such as Tekken, Dead or Alive, waaay other more. And almost forgot! Games like Sonic the Hedgehog and Pokemon are cool for me, too :happybounce: almost almost forgot to mention, I like mystery games and escape room games :sherlock:

Important stuffs: :la:
Do I accept Artworks Request?
Surprisingly, I would say yes! But only to people who I know supports the things I draw and write... let's say my friends here. Make sure I'm not that busy though and if I'm actually in the mood or I wouldn't be able to make your requests, I would really love to make your Artwork Request if I'm free and if I'm actually up for it :love:
(to those who asks for Artwork Request, ask nicely and wait patiently or I'll completely ignore your requests and I really don't want to do that and make sure I'll actually like what you're asking me, if I approve of it :worry:)

Do I accept points request?
Yes! just ask me about it first by comment or note but I'll only make the requests after you donate the points :D

What are the stuff that I don't like?
Frogs, No! :nuu:
I also don't like negative comments, chain letters, spamming, inappropriate notes (messages), using my artworks in websites without me knowing it, so please, just don't.. I mean it :stare:
Or I will be forced to block you without hesitation and I really don't want to do that :tantrum:

- "make the most of the positive opportunities that comes in your way"
- "think before you act or you'll regret it"
- "fly high, reach for the sky"

Laaaaaaaaa! Don't be shy, check out my artworks! :la: :la: :la:
1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
Already a deviant for 3 years (deviant since February 11, 2012)

What does your username mean?
Mikage - a nickname that I decided to use because... lemme just explain, (spoiler summary start) Mikage was a name of an inspiring main character from an anime show that I liked way back years ago... He is a character that was kind-hearted and did not judge people by social class but he treated them equally. He is a pacifist most of the time and would sacrifice anything for his loved ones... He had a best friend that he helped escaped and because of that, he was killed but was soon reincarnated as a small purple, the color of his soul, dragon who would always stay at his best friend's side.(end of spoiler)
Yoshino - a japanese name that I would love to use as a surname, it means "respectful" and it's also the name of one of the male main characters that I like in one of my favorite anime shows, called "Zetsuen no Tempest" (Blast of Tempest).
Anerin - My first name in japanese

Describe yourself in three words.
Creative, Nocturnal and Simple

Are you left or right handed?
Right but I'm also practicing on using my left hand.

What was your first deviation?
I'm not sure but I know it's a character from Kingdom Hearts 2 drawn in MS Paint mousing style.

What is your favourite type of art to create?
Both Traditional and Digital, I like challenging myself on not having an undo button when I make a mistake on paper and the feel of actually drawing on a paper BUT I also like the graphics of a digital drawing.

If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
Markers, Oil and Acrylic! Traditional-related of course... Hmmm...and also realistic or 2D/3D animation...

What was your first favourite?
A cat related digital artwork.

What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Depends if it inspires me or if it's something I really like and find it awesome!

Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
:iconkeyshakitty: (KeyshaKitty) - found DA because of her Kingdom Hearts related works about the Organization XIII plus her awesome traditional art skills... didn't join the site yet because of shyness so just watched her work from afar. Now, after finally having the time to search her and added her to my watchlist, I gotta say that fudge, your art still inspires me until now! All your works are awesome and colorful and... and... full of life! Love it! :love:
:iconreitanna-seishin: (Reitanna-Seishin) - reason why I came back to DA with a new interest and that is BL (guy romance) and...... IZ! The reason why I like IZ it's because of her and her awesome website! :eager: (but actually I was looking for a walkthrough on an escape game called "Murder Room" and found her YouTube channel which led me to her site filled with BL and IZ-mostly ZADR- goodness!), keep being so awesome Reitanna!
:icon10yrsy:/:icon20yrsy: (
10yrsy/20yrsy) - reason why I slowly got interested on designing irken OCs... Myk and Nid are just so CUTE!.. and they are also the reason why I also started liking TMNT :XD: I love your awesome art M! It inspires me a lot and I wish I had more time to view your art at a daily basis!

If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
:iconheismeandiamyou: (HEISMEANDIAMYOU) - Mah Best Friend! :huggle:
.............................Oh and also the people who RPs/talks/inspires me too! I would love to meet them and hang out :D

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
(Hides) the shyness! That's classified information! I am not authorized to answer such a question without the secretary's permission! (Runs)

What are your preferred tools to create art?
Tools? As in materials? If so, then I would pick watercolors and color pencils but if I had a drawing tablet, I would choose that too.

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
The living room with my music playing in the background and I have the couch all to myself
in my air conditioned room while sitting on my bed

What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
Meeting alot of awesome artists and talking to them and even inspiring them.

  • Mood: Artistic

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